Do you have a Driver’s License? Participate and Win in this Survey!

Do you have a Driver’s License? Do you think that our Driver’s License should stay as it is or it needs a slight change? We acquire a Driver’s License in order to have the right to drive, aside from that we can use it to be identified in certain situations. But do you think otherwise?

Even if you have no Driver’s License, you can still take part of this survey, we really need your honest answers. This is what our current Driver’s License looks like:


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Take our ONLINE SURVEY, we need your OPINION, you honest OPINION about this matter!

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76 thoughts on “Do you have a Driver’s License? Participate and Win in this Survey!

  1. Yes! Because the DL we have now can easily be faked. A lot of people are selling drivers license like they are selling hotcakes when in fact the only people that should be provided with DL are the ones who knows how to drive and have attended the seminars.

  2. Yes, it should be! Driver’s License can easily be faked nowadays. They must get an exclusive supplier for the materials for the ID and the design must be unique with additional security features, so it would be harder for it to be copied.

  3. YES! because our Driver’s License must be hard to fake because it is our identification wherever we go. If it can be easily faked, we can assume other people’s names and it is not right

  4. We really need a new drivers license that has new security features that are hard to copy. Ung mga license natin ang ng iidentify satin dba dun sa mga taong tsaka palang natin nakilala at kahit saang banko o mga establisyemento kaya sana dapat totoong identity talaga natin un at hindi gawa2 lang.

  5. Yes, because the images/features and even the information contained in the Driver’s license can easily be erased/tampered. Thus, providing poor identification, which actually defeats the purpose of having the DL in the very first place — for identification.

  6. There is a need to change the features because we have heard of so many reports of fake licenses. It is also important to change the features in order to give assurance to the public that the drivers behind the vehicles plying our roads have the necessary skills.

  7. I don’t have a Drivers License yet and still planning to get one soon. Based from what I’ve heard, it can be easily faked and some details on the card can be erased easily. So, our cards definitely need to change to a more secure one.

  8. I have a driver’s license and honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with it. What I observe though is that there are a lot of fake license manufacturers in Recto which never go punished. They advertise on being able to fabricate IDs, TORs, Cetificates of Titles, etc on broad daylight and there are A LOT of them. If there is anything that the government should do, they must prosecute these fabricators.

  9. Answered the survey already.

    For me, the driver’s license is ok to begin with but i guess the process should be changed to avoid licenses to be faked and the government should at least do their part.

  10. I have no idea whats with the License ID, but in my own perception I think it must be change. Secure it more and make sure that no one will fake it for the sake of the owner.

  11. Our driver’s license should be enhanced and improved to avoid being counterfeited and easily used by people who have illegal businesses

  12. Yes, some changes must be done since the details in our DL can be erased easily. also, they should have a clearer image for the photo used in he DL, my picture on my DL is blurry. tsktsktsk

  13. Actually I don’t have any idea what other countries’ driver’s license look like so I don’t have anything to compare with. It’s okay not for the mean time coz I just renewed my license this year.

  14. opo napapanahon na para palitan ang features of the Philippine driver’s license.

    magdagdag ng security features na hindi madaling gayahin tulad ng thumbmark vector.

  15. The government must beef up the security features to prevent fraud and deception. I personally know some car owners who possessed fake license and I really find this disturbing. Road safety is one major field which should not be ignored and yet there is no assurance that license holders really took the mandatory steps to acquire such license. Very disturbing, if you ask me.

  16. i dont have driver’s licence yet. For me the best features to change is having a Finger print. Every applicant has a unique thumb mark. It can easily detected whose people do to duplicate other license!

  17. Yes, it needs to change the features of the Philippine driver license because it weak from peeling and not that strong look card.. I think it can be easy to falsify also.

  18. drivers license here in the Philippine should revised or updated for more security enhanced system on generating or issuing ones applicant. Knowing how the governement system id’s and other documents and be forge easily. Embedding micro chip for more identification, eye scanning or even more high tech system just to improve a more and better licensing identification.

  19. For me,I think its about time to change our current DL. It may seem okay but for security reasons why not change it for the better purposes.

  20. Do you think we need to change the features of the Philippine driver’s license?

    In my own opinion, i think there is really a need to change the features of our country’s drivers license simply because nowadays hackers could easily hack / fake it.. so i recommend that gov’t of our country should change the way it is now wherein it could be difficult for hackers/fakers to fake it.. :))

  21. I don’t have a driver’s license. But I’m kinda aware of it. I think, our license need to change its features for security reasons. Put lots of security measures so that it’s hard for some to fake it.

  22. I don’t have any DL but if in case the DL nowadays can be easily faked then it’s better that the gov’t will some security features for safety purposes against hackers/fakers.

  23. I think the current Philippine drivers license is good but there should be an additional features that would secure it so it could not be faked or imitate.

  24. NO, kasi po pag bago mahirap kilatisin kung orig, marami nanaman ang gagawa ng peke. Parang pag may bagong pera,ginagaya kasi di pa alam gano ng tao kung alin ang authentic. its better this way. saka nalang ienhance kapag may mga bagong features na di madaling magaya.

  25. Yes, I think we need to do that. I read and saw on TV several news reports of fake driver’s license being used by some people and I am concerned how it looks so similar with the real ones that they could even get away with it.

  26. It is not just changing the license itself but also the way the government issues the license. Many got license even they are not qualified to have one as long as they pay for the fees even they don’t pass the written test.

  27. thank you for sharing this information, that’s true, our government should put more security that other’s would not be able to counterfeit it

  28. yes, adding security features to the ID can help screen out unqualified drivers who resort to buying fake ones just to be able to create havoc on our streets

  29. Yes we need to change/add more security features in our license so that it can’t be easily fake..change the design also

  30. We definitely need a change. security features should be added to help screen out drivers who are unfit to be on the road.

  31. The current driver’s license can be easily faked. I just watched a case in Imbestigador last night, there was a guy who has three driver’s licenses. See that?

  32. There is really a need for us to change or should I say improve the security features of our driver’s license. It can be easily forged and reproduced thereby creating a fake identification of a person.

  33. yes. but i think it just need to improve some features so not easily faked. like fine patterns or UV detected prints. 🙂

  34. i think its time to change the philippine driver’s license they need to add some security feature’s like the thumb mark vector.

  35. I do not have a Philippines driver’s license only US but I would love to see more secure driver’s license than we have in the Philippines. Road test should be given like we have in America so driver knows how to have a safe discipline. Traffic is really bad in the Philippines, wonder how those crazy drivers get their license 🙁

  36. Yes, definitely our government have to change our driver’s licence maybe adding thumbmarks or other security features.

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