doll house for boys

Most people here on the internet (those who knows me), already know that I have a son and a son only. So you my dear readers would be shock why we have a doll house. Well, when I and my son JB went to the supermarket to buy foods, we manage to pass by the toy section and voila he sees this beautiful doll house. He put a fight with me when I said that it is only for girls to play with and that little boy are not allowed to play with doll houses. JB then told me that he wants it because it is just like our house (minus the swimming pool though). So, I gave in to his woes and we bought the doll house.

When we get home, he played with it, and guess what, the doll house looks good with all his hot wheels and match box cars! Maybe my son will grow up as an architect or civil engineer and will design or build houses.

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  1. My son (long ago) wanted a doll house, just to be part of his miniature play world. Hubby would not let him have it, and I’ve always regretted that. He wasn’t being feminine, he just liked model things.

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