Dryper’s Weewee Dry t-shirt

Aside from using EQ baby diapers, I also tried Drypers WeeWee Dry. I have been joining a lot of online blogging contests two months ago, when Drypers have been giving away baby love wearable’s and sad to say I didn’t WIN in any of the online contests that I have been joining. So when I went to the grocery stores to buy my son’s diapers, my heart jumped when I saw this:

Yes, a free Drypers baby love wearable’s. So, I didn’t hesitate to buy at least one pack of the Drypers WeeWee Dry diapers and get a wearable for my baby while checking out some lag screw in the mall.

3 thoughts on “Dryper’s Weewee Dry t-shirt

  1. Yehey! I won 3pcs of this shirt from a mommy blog contests but the sizing is too small. the 2 -3y old size only fits an infant. I just gave mine to my friends and of course they love it.

    Visiting from BC.

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