Enchanted Kingdom’s Business

It was my first time to visit Enchanted Kingdom last January and I sure don’t want not to try their available rides. So, I and Gerry got the ticket for all rides. The only thing we didn’t thought of was that, it was weekend and surely a lot of people are there for a family day. So when we got inside, the lines are super long, no, it was super-duper long. The first ride we tried was the Rio Grande rapids because it was near the entrance or somehow the first ride we ever did see. There was a sign that people who rides might get wet but then again, we thought that we will not need to have extra shirts or pants for this ride but boy, we were wrong. Yes, you will really GET WET, as in, SUPER WET. When we arrived at the finish line of the ride, our shoes and our shirts including our pants were totally wet. But, EK’s management has an answer for that, at the exit, there are available shorts, shirts and even slippers for sale for those people who could afford to buy one and was not able to bring with themselves an extra shirt.
Okay, business is business (ahaha). I had fun but I lost 250php for a slipper that I could buy for 50php only 

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