Fun Family Activities for Easter

Easter’s holiday traditions often involve lots of food coloring and hard-boiled eggs. And with a bunny as its mascot, and lots of candy to choose from, the holiday is naturally very appealing to the younger generations. Luckily for parents, the holiday is also a wonderful excuse for spending time with the family. This year, gather those closest to you and take advantage of all the possibilities of Easter. The following are some ideas to get the fun started – and eggs are just the beginning.

Color Easter Eggs. Although this is a given, coloring Easter eggs is both traditional and fun. The tried-and-true way of coloring eggs is first hard-boiling them and then dipping them into bowls of dye coloring. This activity is easy for kids of all ages, and the older kids can take their turn at being creative by dipping the bottom of the egg into one color and the top into another, which always turns out very cool.

These days, the egg coloring business has gotten even more creative – that is, if food coloring just isn’t your thing. In almost any store, you can find patterns, crayons for drawing on eggs, and fun patterns to glue onto eggs. Another fun idea is having an Easter egg coloring party and inviting the neighbors or your extended family. You can even include a best-coloring competition where the winner, or egg designer, wins a prize.

Do arts and crafts. Easter-themed arts and crafts are a nice way to keep the creative juices flowing for your kids. Consider making origami shapes or “dressing up” hard-boiled eggs to look like animated characters. These types of hands-on activities will keep your older kids interested and will be fun souvenirs as they grow. If you have family visiting from out of town for the holiday, such as grandma and grandpa, you can have them join in with the kids so they make something together.

Go outside. Although the exact date of Easter changes, it usually falls in the springtime which means sunny skies and blooming flowers. Why not get out and enjoy? Take your family to a nearby park and have a picnic (with plenty of marshmallow Peeps, of course) or enjoy the sunshine during a long walk.

A lot of local organizations such as churches, schools, and community centers also offer family activities at their facilities on Easter day so be sure to check nearby. You might be able to take the kids to the local community center for a traditional Easter egg hunt, or participate in a community egg toss.

Bake. It doesn’t take an education in family therapy to tell you that spending time with your family will have a positive impact on relationships and overall dynamics. It’s also a no-brainer that when the family is together, you’ll need to have some good food for everyone to enjoy. A fun family activity is baking as it’s easy to involve all of the kids and your partner. Divvy up tasks for everyone to do so they feel like they’ve contributed to the finished product. Some Easter-themed ideas are Easter-shaped cookies (eggs, bunnies, baskets), colorful cakes, or homemade candies.


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