GeBunny – Bitbit the Bunny

Sophie La Girafe is the reason why I met Spinkie’s Bitbit the Rabbit. The reason why I chose to buy the plush toy aside from the fact that I feel that it is the right cuddly toy for my baby daughter is that it is purely and proudly Pinoy made.

The package arrive after 4 days of ordering and yes I am satisfied with the money that I paid it for. I am glad that Spinkie accepts Paypal payments because I have lotsa funds in there.

I want to share this thought copied from the little card tied around Bitbit the Rabbit’s neck when it arrived: “Bitbit the Rabbit – Your Baby’s all weather friend. This little bunny is perfect for play, snuggling and even excellent for teething and sleep assistance.”

The photo above is me and my little baby with GeBunny , GeBunny is what the name we came up with her little bunny because it is Gerayah’s Bunny.

16 thoughts on “GeBunny – Bitbit the Bunny

  1. Good for you that Gerayah can play with her stuff toys…In my case, my kids has lots of stuffs toys but they’re not allowed to cuddle them because their both asthmatic. πŸ™

    So cute naman the names of your stuffs. πŸ™‚

  2. That’s cute teddy bear. The same thing that my kid has tons of toys. I well ask him to share his toys to his cousins and it’s good to hear he is sharing kid.

  3. so sweet! my son used to have a monkey bear which he used to hug every night in bed. i think this is the way kids to be feel safe and secure.

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