Getting Inked

For the longest time already, I have been thinking of getting a tattoo. But I just couldn’t do it because I might regret it. There are so many questions that keeps on popping on my mind every time the thought of having a tattoo runs on my mind. But last week, the bf got his tattoo fixed. It needs to be fixed because the first one who made it was not that good as a tattoo artist. Here, let me show you a “before” and “after” photo of the tattoo in his back:

The left side photo is the old tattoo he had on his back and the right one is the fixed one. See the difference? And NO, I am not encouraging you to get one, it doesn’t look good when you get old. Aside from that it is quite expensive to have a tattoo, if you feel like you really want one, try the tattoo stickers first at least it will easily be erased in case you don’t like the looks of it.

3 thoughts on “Getting Inked

  1. the closest I got to getting inked was in Boracay by a Henna Tattoo artist. You’re right, just think about the practical consequence of how it would look like on a wrinkled skin. hehe 🙂

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