Giveaways: To Join or Not To Join

There are so many online giveaways that I see everyday that I open my Facebook account. Some of my friends are into it and some are not. There are giveaways which are so easy to join, a few likes, a few follow, and a few share and then you are done with it. And there are some giveaways which have so many mandatory entries and yet less expensive prizes.

So this is my say with regards to Giveaways and Online Contests: (for the contest makers/giveaway host ). In order to host a successful giveaway, giveaway host should keep these in mind:

  • The PRIZE must be enticing to the contest joiners. If your prizes are beauty products, you should know to market your giveaway and reach the right people who will be interested to join your giveaway, then find the women who are interested to your giveaway by checking out Facebook Pages and Facebook groups which have members that are interested in using different beauty products and trying out new beauty products because eventually they will join your giveaway.
  • The value of the PRIZE must compensate the hardness of the mandatory entries to be eligible to join the contest, or the contest/giveaway mechanics should be easier if the prize is of much lesser value. I mean, I am an online contest joiner but I don’t join online giveaways that asks me to do a lot of things just for a cheap prize. But I do join online contest with a 100php worth value of prize but asks me to like just one page and follow one twitter account then have optional entries to share. Sometimes it also depends if I really want that product or prize. But it if okay to have so many Facebook pages to like and Twitter accounts to follow if the PRIZE has of great value such as gadgets and cellphones.
  • Rafflecopters are IN these days. If you are not a FAN of it, try signing up for it. It is easier for you to check the entries and to choose the winner/s right after the giveaway closes so you don’t have to DELAY the announcement of winner/s anymore.
  • Please CONTACT the WINNER/s especially when you ask for our EMAIL ADDRESS. There are contest host who do not bother to email the winner/s and just make a blog post about the winner in their blogs without contacting them, seriously? If you bothered to ask us to put our email ads in your contest post, we wait for you to email us and its not the other way around.

For online giveaway or online contests joiners, know these online rules(actually there are no rules but honestly, I want you to keep these things in mind) for joining online contests:

  • BE HONEST. Yes, if you think we (online giveaway hosts) don’t check entries, WE DO. And if we caught you cheating (didn’t like the pages, didn’t follow the accounts, etc) we tend to remember you and the next time that you join, we will not include you in the raffle anymore.
  • Do not UN-FOLLOW, do not UN-LIKE, but you can DELETE your status about the giveaway or blog post about the giveaway after we announce the winner. In case you don’t know it, we (again online giveaways host) have a Facebook group where we sometimes share our musings and thoughts and sometimes online contests joiners are our topic. We tend to talk about the notorious online contest joiners who easily un-follow and un-like right after the contest. Then FOLLOW and LIKE again if we have a new giveaway. We kind of put you on the “HIT LIST” and though you exerted an effort to join our latest giveaways and our blogging friend’s giveaways, you are not included in the raffle anymore.
  • Check out the page once the Contest ends especially those giveaways/contests that didn’t ask for your email ads because they will not contact you.

7 thoughts on “Giveaways: To Join or Not To Join

  1. I’ve seen some people complain about certain giveaway hosts who don’t keep their end of the bargain. If you’re going to do something, do it right, right? :).

  2. That’s true. It’s sad that there are cheaters out there and oh well cheaters will never win. They fooled themselves and they’ll be accountable for it.

  3. I seldom join giveaway and I certainly not fond of hosting one. It’s a lot of hardwork so I can understand hosts’ frustration when joiners does not follow the simple requests being laid out in the giveaway.

  4. I only join giveaways that don’t have a lot of required entries. I’ve hosted a few and I must say it is really time consuming and needs more effort for promotion.

  5. I do some giveaways on my blog though and I always like to have it simple. I don’t like any complications or long entries either. I do join giveaways too, but not as much.

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