Golden Years to Share

It is my first time to hear about Home Share and after reading about this blog who has a lot to say about this topic, I realize that it is better because it has a lot to offer, and the two things that most people needs – companionship and peace of mind, can be met. According to the website, more and more senior citizens are thinking of sharing their homes to people who needs a home and yet cannot afford to buy one but can pay for a rent for a bedroom.

Home Share is a great idea and I am thankful that there are organizations that were able to come up with this. It is great because people who have different needs could meet up, live together and solve their problems. Like for example, a student who needs a home at a lower price could live up with a home owner who needs someone to share with the house bills and could do some of the house chores. They could be a great pair.

Senior citizen housing on the other hand is different but still a good choice for the senior citizens who need to mingle with other people. The good thing also if senior citizen lives together is that they will be well taken care of, and aside from that, these organizations/companies also has facilities that could help them live well their golden years.

I, well, I will grow old eventually and I hope when the time comes, my kids will take care of me, if they don’t , at least they could let me Home Share our home.

11 thoughts on “Golden Years to Share

  1. when you live here in United States we need this kinds of program or organization because majority of the people here are independent and it’s not tradition to have our children take care of us when we get old πŸ™ but when your in other countries like Philippines, we might not need this because we have a lot of families who will accompany and entertain us as we get older.

  2. that was so nice of them. sometimes there are some points in life that grandparents don’t share home with their kids and grandkids in order to have privacy. though this senior home is a good chance for them to live happily and just enjoy their senior lifestyle. also, this way there are nurses and social workers who visited them regularly so no worries.

  3. Home Share is a good idea but it should be done with careful considerations. The selection process for somebody to share your home with should be very thorough as the seniors should be aware of the dangers of sharing their home to strangers.

  4. Not a bad idea but personally I would still rather take care of our elders than leave them in assisted living facility. That way you’re making them feel loved and cared for.

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