Goodbye SmartBro Plug-It

It’s been 2 years since I applied and got approved for my SmartBro Postpaid Plug-It plan and I am saying goodbye to them now. Yes, I didn’t renew my plan because as of now, I am not quite contented with the service I am getting for the 999php I am paying them.

SmartBro plug-it is very convenient to use because I can bring it anywhere, but the problem is, the internet connection in my place is super slow compared to some places in Bukidnon.

I also sometimes lost the connection even when I am just in our own house, there is no SmartBro signal inside my room, but they have a signal in my mom’s room. I am not campaigning against them because from the start I already know that the internet connection in my home town is slow compared to other towns and cities but I was hoping that after two years they could improve their service in my home town. For now, I am contented to be not online 24/7 because I don’t have an unli surf connection anymore.

I am also thinking of buying a pc tablet in replacement for my laptops because I think they are more connection friendly than my laptops. I am still weighing the pros and cons of having one.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye SmartBro Plug-It

  1. I have heard disappointments with smartbro too..too bad for their business. I heard Sun myfi is nice.. My brother’s girlfriend is using it and she practically can go online anywhere. You might want to check it out sis :).

    Visiting you from LadySoda

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