Halloween Parties

I really want to join Halloween parties, dress up and wear that perfect make up that would fit my costume. Go visit the neighborhood bringing my little pumpkin basket and say “Trick or Treat” after knocking at their doors. Yes, I have been watching too much Hollywood Movies, it is where I have seen kids dressed up in their Halloween costumes and receives a lot of candies and chocolates after shouting “Trick or Treat!” in every home that they visit.

But we don’t celebrate Halloween here in our town and we don’t dress up on Halloween’s eve, and people don’t prepare chocolates and candies for children saying “Trick or Treat!”. Instead, they visit the cemetery and clean their departed loved-ones grave.

And now, I have decided that next year will be different. I will try to organize a kiddie Halloween Party for my children and for my nephew and nieces. Because I want themΒ  to experience the things that I have not experienced and it breaks my heart every time they ask me about Halloween Parties and Chocolates.

13 thoughts on “Halloween Parties

  1. for me, i would rather do that traditions we have there, to remember the beloved ones…here trick or treat don’t last the whole night, there were only certain hours for the said trick or treats…

  2. there were a lot of kids wandering the neighborhood during the trick or treating but we don’t open our door when someone knocks as we don’t celebrate it.

  3. I never went to any Halloween parties this year, I don’t really go to Halloween parties or anything. It is not that it was because our religion but it’s not about it really. I just don’t have any fondness about it.

  4. Same here in our town too and i thought of doing the same,organizing the kiddies to do trick or treat at least. Most of the times during Halloween here is spent in the cemetery to visit the departed loved-ones.

  5. I haven’t attended a Halloween party where I’ll be able to wear a costume, but I was able to go trick or treating with our daughter and we both wore the same costume πŸ™‚

  6. I don’t celebrate halloween. My daughter is the only one here in our place that didn’t go trick or treating. She doesn’t because we follow what the Bible says and it never mentions a thing about halloween. No offense meant, Mommy! πŸ™‚

  7. Same here, di sad na uso sa among bukid pero nagpalahi ko for the first time this year. I painted my nieces’ faces but no costumes this time. Hopefully next year, completo na, πŸ˜€

  8. At some point it’s good to know that your town is keeping our tradition genuinely. We have been too westernized that everything they do we also do..on the other hand, a Halloween party, dressing up and trick or treat is fun for the kids..as long as they also know the essence of Halloween it’s all great.

  9. Halloween is unheard of here in Thailand. I miss going to the cemetery and just visit the graves of loved ones, spend an evening with family having good times. In a way I like it that it’s not celebrated here kay samok daghan bata manuktok! hehehe

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