Happy Birthday JB

Today is my son’s 4th birthday. The day in which I was born again, I became a mother.

I can still remember my pain and my happiness when I gave birth to my son 4 years ago. And now, he is a toddler already. He knows how to talk, to walk, to change his clothes, to ride a bike, to eat on his own and he can even say what he wants and what he likes. I miss my son when he needed me to be able to live. Yes, I miss it when he was still a baby in which he needed to depend on me. When he needed me to feed him because he cannot eat solid foods yet, when he needed me to bathe him and change hid clothes, when he needed me to hold his hands and body because he cannot walk.

But every child needs to grow, and this is part of growing up. Every year he changes for the better, and every day he learns something. This is how a person is made. And I am happy that I am still a part of my son’s growing up.

I love you JB.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday JB

  1. Sarah and Vera: Thank you so much:)
    @aine: dugay ra nako gihatag kay tita Marian ui.:) last Sunday pa, naka address: To tita mingming ahahaha

  2. saba dha, utro raba ka gahagok.. bisag perti hilak sa bata kaw ngkatuwad ug katog..hmp, c momzie gakaatiman jd oi.. peace hehehe 🙂

  3. tsaba! kung and bata ngaktuwad2 ug hinilak kaw ngkatuwad2 ug kinatulog c momzie kaha ang mabilar toinks! peaceee 🙂

  4. Happy Birthday jb!

    You just dont know how lucky you are having joanne as your mom or shall I say having Momzie as your lola hehhe, lola mangd jd nimo ang minglahutay toinks….

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