Happy Father’s Day 2012

Father’s Day is celebrated every June of the year here in the Philippines. And I must say we, the children, must be thankful for our Father because they are after all our Father. We will not be here if not for them. We will not be who we are today if not for our Fathers. They provide us with all our needs from the time we are born, and they guide us as we grew old.

Now the time has come to give back to our father, daddy, “ama”, and “tatay”. Sometimes, we hate our fathers, especially if they have done something that we don’t like, but nevertheless, they are still our father. As for me, we have been into different situations, to the part where I almost tried to kill him, but in spite it all, I realized that I love him so much, and no matter what happens, he is still my father.

As for this coming Father’s Day, I am thinking of giving him a fleuriste à québec. It is different, unique and I know he will be thrilled. We seldom give our fathers gifts of flowers because we believe it is so girly or feminine but I believe that our dads will really appreciate it, because they will realize that we do love them and that we go to this extent to show them our appreciation, our gratitude and our love for them.

Somehow, telling them we love them and that we care, I believe is ENOUGH.


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