Harry Potter Books (Volume 1-7)

This is what we call, A Collection.

I know, I have made a post already about Harry Potter’s books. I know I am too old for these things, wizard and witches, magic and jinxes, but I found it worthwhile to read. I remember so well, the first time I have watched a Harry Potter movie was when I was in high school, 4th year high school to be exact. We need to earn, err, we need to raise funds for the School Government Organization’s project so we had a film showing. It was the first Harry Potter movie.

When I was in College, my friends were so busy talking about Harry Potter books and its movies and I didn’t care. Obviously, I found it tiresome to read Harry Potter’s books from cover to cover because the books are so thick and I (back then) cannot afford to buy the books.

And now that I can afford it, I think I can read it.

0 thoughts on “Harry Potter Books (Volume 1-7)

  1. I hope you enjoy reading the books, I know I did! I am planning to buy the entire set again because I can’t find some of the books I bought as they were released. Some other time maybe 🙂

  2. sabi ko nung bata ako
    oras na nagkatrabaho ako
    bibili ako ng complete volume set
    ng friends episode
    naisip ko
    pwede ko naman pala siya idL gamit ang torrent

    ang sarap untiuntiin na tuparin
    yung mga pangarap
    kampay para sa mas marami pang pangarap!

  3. LOL @ xG Hahahaha.

    Anyway, I have the ePub versions of the books and will be reading through my iPad. My brother has all the books but I prefer reading digital books ’cause of my eyes.

    I haven’t started reading them yet. I’ve already watched all Harry Potter movies so I guess it’ll be pretty interesting reading the book now. Hehehe.

  4. vera: natapos ko na, para lang ako nanood ng isang movie for an entire week!! oh, i reall love BOOKS!!! when will i get over it? ehehehe

    xg: oo nga, tulad mo din ako, dati di ko ma afford kaya kahit na huli na ako at wala na uso , bibili at magbabasa pa din ako 🙂

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