Healthy and Hydrated: Skin Health During the Winter Months

The changing seasons bring with them different requirements for skincare, and winter is the most challenging. Not only does the weather get colder, which can dry out your skin and cause blemishes, but your diet changes with all the tempting holiday goodies available for consumption. Most of us are busy moms, taking care of families, babies, households, and various holiday obligations. We don’t have a ton of time or money to reinvent our skincare practices every season. Here are a few hints for improving your skin to create a great foundation no matter what the season.

Saw palmetto is an all-natural supplement that revives the skin and can even bring shine to the hair. It helps revive hair follicles and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory elements. Some case studies have shown that it helps with acne as well. Before spending the big bucks on designer skin products, give the age-old remedies a try. You might be surprised at the amazing results.

Use a few different moisturizers to balance your skin. A heavy moisturizer might be a great element to add. If you’re prone to breakouts or oily skin, don’t use it every night. Use it once or twice a week to revive the moisture in your skin, and a less oily option to lock in and preserve the moisture. Sleep with a humidifier on in your room to restore the moisture in the air (this will also help with dry sinuses), and drink plenty of water. Use tough astringent and face wash sparingly. Drying out your skin can actually cause more breakouts than oily skin, because if your skin is feeling parched, it naturally tries to produce more oil to hydrate the skin. Use a gentle face wash regularly. If you feel like you need an extra cleanse, use the astringent or harsher face wash once a week.

It’s tempting to take scalding showers or baths frequently in the winter months to warm up, and even though the warm water may feel moisturizing while you’re standing in it, it can actually strip your entire body of its moisture. If you do take a hot shower or bath, take a bit of extra time afterward to liberally apply a moisturizer. Use a moisturizing body wash while you’re in the shower. Consider taking fewer showers during the winter months. You’ll be sweating less, and your skin will likely benefit from its natural oils.

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  1. Gagay says:

    I always hear about products with saw palmetto which are recommended for skin health, though I haven’t tried it myself, I guess those are really good products as reviews about it are by far sounding commendable. As of now, I just make use of moisturizers, not so sure if those contain saw palmetto, to hydrate my skin and i always drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices as well.

  2. jheylo says:

    oh boy! speaking of winter. this is the time when many people have issues with their skin and i am no exception to that. My eczema gets worse during winter season and dry skin too. Aside from that, this is the time when we get sick like me right now. Ugh!

  3. Rcel says:

    my only problem when it is winter is the dry skin. i need to use lots of lotions and moisturizers to keep my skin moisturized. it is a pain in the pocket, i tell you, because it makes me consume lotions a lot more.

  4. Chie says:

    I’ve never heard of this skin supplement before and it seems interesting and effective. Some designer skin care may not work on every skin type so it is great to have more skin care products to choose from

  5. teJan says:

    so right with winter skin..huh, thats really my problem, my dry skin become more drier now that winter is in the air already. I think I need this skin supplement sissy:)

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