Healthy Bodies Need Sleep

Mother and Baby Sleeping
Lack of sleep and energy are the two biggest complaints heard, all the time, from most Mothers. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the two are clearly connected.  Sleep is vitally important to our health. While the amount of sleep needed can vary from person to person most people need at least seven hours every night.

Sleep gives our body the time needed to repair tissue, allow for cell growth, recharging our batteries, and the release of nutrients. While there are a variety of multivitamins that can help, Co q10 in particular has been termed the “energy sparking vitamin.”

Developing a healthy lifestyle includes doing things you enjoy to relieve the stress experienced every day. Increasing sleep by one hour will also increase energy. We can promote better sleeping by slightly increasing daily exercise, just be sure any exercises are finished at least one hour before bedtime.

Most of us think we do not have the time or energy to exercise. Making the time needed to develop healthy living skills can be as simple as taking a short walk every day. Since the alternative is to make time to be ill, most people choose simple exercises.

There are numerous reasons for a lack of energy these include overwork, poor or long term dieting, illness, stress and of course lack of sleep.  It is a catch-22 cycle lack of sleep makes us lack energy. Maintaining a healthy balance of activity, nutrition, and sleep fortify our bodies.

Eating fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates give us a stable energy supply. Nuts are rich in magnesium and protein, which helps maintain energy levels. Drinking plenty of non-caffeinated beverages (especially water) keeps us hydrated and our blood sugar levels stable.  Without those highs and lows to blood sugars, we have more energy.

While a short 15-minute walk will increase energy, the good news for the millions of chocoholics is that a little bit of dark chocolate really can boost energy and mood. This is partially for the caffeine, but also for another stimulant that is called Theo-bromine.

Think of the millions of dollars someone would make if they found a way to add veggies to chocolate without altering the taste. With a little dash of creative cooking, the closest we have found is to add small amounts of vegetables to burgers, pasta dishes like spaghetti or mac n’ cheese and desserts like muffins, brownies and cupcakes.

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