Hello Aspire One D257

My laptop which turned a year older last June 11 crashed last Sunday, July 17. I do not know why or how it happened; maybe somehow I visited a site which has a virus so that is why my laptop was affected severely. I just hope that my laptop will be okay and that I will not have to pay so much for its recovery because as of now I am on a tight budget.

And because I needed a computer to continue working online, I bought a netbook, Aspire One by Acer. Yes, I know I have said that I currently am on a tight budget but I used my Credit Card for buying this netbook, 0% for 12 months. And besides I have been itching to buy a netbook for my little brother and my mom so that they will know how to use Facebook and the internet. Hoping and crossing my fingers that my old lappy will get okay, this new netbook I am using will fall into my mother’s mercy.

I forgot to take a picture of my netbook but its color is maroon, but according to my mom its burgundy, but to me, it’s something reddish by the way. It is so little, not that heavy and so far I love to use it as a replacement to my old lappy.

I am glad when I opened my blog to see many comments in my dashboard, yeah, a lot of them for my contest and some are for the WBFC entrants. For those who join my contest, it will end tomorrow because tomorrow is my birthday. I am so happy when I read different answers/guesses I mean, I never expected different and unique answers, teehee.

Birthdays always make me reflective. What are we doing to improve ourselves? I’m thinking Computer Forensics Degrees would be beneficial! For more information, see Guide to
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  1. Sad to hear about your old laptop sis. Cguro it needed its rest na talaga. 0% in 12 months that’s great! Laptop is a must for us online workers..bahala na ang tight budget hehehe

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