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For my online friends who already know about what happened in my dear Alma Mater (Pangantucan Central Elementary School – Pangantucan Bukidnon), this post will not be a surprise. I have posted a help campaign from my other blog (Farm Girl Blogger) because it is where I posted the events that are happening in my home town.

Honestly, I have not posted enough for this year because I have been very busy with my personal life, but now I have thought of sharing the different events that took place in my home town because I have so many “Kababayans” who are working abroad and who would love to read what are the improvements that are happening in our beloved town. They wanted to be updated, to see the hometown they have never seen for a long time and to read something about their hometown online.

Back to my title post, this is a post where in help is wanted. Yes, I am looking for people who could help me with my cause. A part of our elementary school caught fire last September 09, 2011. Though there was nobody injured during the incident, 4 classrooms, 1 school clinic and our entire school band instruments were destroyed by the fire. We were not able to save anything from it aside from some teacher’s tables and pupil’s desks because our school building was made of wood and light materials that is why it was hard to fight down the fire and save the other classrooms beside it.

I was once a member of the School Band that is why it pains me to see that the band members are having troubles practicing simply because they have no band instruments to play on. Our town fiesta is fast approaching and there would be no elementary school band to lead the parade if we cannot find ways to have band instruments. As of now, I am finding ways to help my school, there are already people who have pledge for some of the band instruments and there are people who also send money to help. But it is still not enough. I am asking your kind hearts to please help me with my cause, if you are willing to help, you can send any amount of money to my paypal account (charming_anne106(@)yahoo(dot)com) so that I could also buy a band instrument that would be a great help to my school.

Some of you who are really kind and love helping people may enjoy programs via where you could become a social worker.

God Bless your Beautiful Soul

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