High-Resolution Ultrasounds are Beneficial For Doctors and Patients

Scheduling an ultrasound is necessary for detecting an illness or injury. The ultrasound releases sound waves into the human body using a transducer. The sound waves are inaudible to the human ear, and they bounce back to give doctors a glance of the soft tissues and organs. A patient may have an ultrasound performed to detect a problem in areas such as the heart, liver, abdomen, kidney or gallbladder.

There are many clinics and hospitals that offer a high resolution ultrasound to get an accurate reading. Facilities use high quality equipment such as the Acuson X300 ultrasound system to perform the ultrasound. Doctors and patients can both benefit from a high-resolution ultrasound.

A high-resolution ultrasound creates a detailed image of the human body. Doctors can clearly see what is happening with a specific organ or tissue, and patients do not have to undergo another ultrasound due to unclear results. The doctor will be able to detect conditions such as a blockage of the arteries or tumor on the kidney. A high-resolution ultrasound also allows the doctor to determine if a tumor is cancerous or benign. Once doctors make an accurate diagnosis, they can figure out the best treatment for the condition.

It is no secret that patients are nervous about the discomfort and radiation that comes with diagnostic tests. However, a high-resolution ultrasound is a safe and painless procedure. It starts with patients laying on a padded table with the specific area exposed. The physician will cover the area in a warm gel and carefully press the transducer against the skin. Patients do not have to worry about needles or exposure to radiation during the procedure.

Patients may also feel worried about the actual injury or condition. The accurate reading gives them the answers they have needed for days, and they can start focusing on the treatment and recovery.

There are many facilities that provide a reading within 24 hours of the ultrasound, which means patients only have to wait a day for their results. In the case of an emergency, the facility may provide results within one hour of the ultrasound. The quick results allow physicians to act quickly to treat the condition.

A high-resolution ultrasound is beneficial for doctors and their patients. Doctors receive a clear view of the body to make an accurate diagnosis. Patients finally receive answers regarding their condition.

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