Hollywood Themed Wedding

Last May 7, 2011, I have attended my Cousin Marco’s wedding. And it was AWESOME. Imagine attending a wedding in Hollywood? I have never been to Hollywood but when I was chosen as one of their bridesmaids I was ecstatic because the bride to be who my friend became already told me that their wedding is a Hollywood themed one.

They are dating for almost 7 years now and they had a very long engagement, because Marco proposed to Donna 3 years ago but the marriage was set last May 7. The Wedding happened at the Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Dauis Bohol and the reception was held in Bohol Tropics, Tagbilaran Bohol.

I and my relatives who came from Mindanao went to Bohol just to attend this wonderful event in our dear Cousin Marco’s life. And we didn’t regret it. They really prepared for their wedding and I could say that it was unique, and it was not boring.
I prepared and bring along the things that I needed for the wedding such as my sexy shoes and my camera, and I really check that my camera batteries are fully charged in order to avoid crying over spilled milk because I have no batteries for the biggest event this year though there are camera batteries rechargeable I still want to make sure. That is all I needed to prepare because the makeup artist will be the one who will enhance my beauty for the event and they provide the gown for me because I belong to the bridal entourage.

The Admit One tickets:

The Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Together with the Beautiful and Sexy Bride:

And don’t forget the Handsome and Macho Groom:

17 thoughts on “Hollywood Themed Wedding

  1. First time ko ata makarinig nitong hollywood themed wedding, such a unique one .. You look pretty on that gown girl πŸ™‚

  2. sinabi nyo pa. sobrang kakaiba at ngayon ko lang talaga na experience ang ganitong klaseng wedding. super saya, super bongga, super kakaiba:)

  3. hmmmmm…. that made me think… i’ll have a theme wedding on my golden wedding anniversary! waaaahhh! that’s nice… bongga pala ang wedding…

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