Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is still the best policy. Every now and then, I can read in the newspapers about criminals and petty thieves lurking in malls, public vehicles and even fast foods. I do not know if is because my country is poor or because the people are poor and that they have no choice but to steal. I believe though that a person who gets the money from stealing will not prosper and that even though they have stolen a lot of money, they will still stay in the dirt.

Last May, I went to Bohol for my cousin’s wedding, and right after the wedding, we (me and my nieces and nephews) went to the famous Sagbayan Peak because they have not visited the place yet. In Sagbayan Peak, you can see the famous Chocolate Hills which is always connected to Bohol. And also they have a butterfly dome full of different kinds and colors of butterflies. When we went there, I forgot to take my change from the restaurant which is about 210php. A small amount of money, I believe, but I wasn’t able to get it because we are about to go home to Bukidnon, which is in Mindanao.

But before May ends, I was about to visit Bohol again for vacation with my family. Luckily, we went to Sagbayan again for a tour because the kids have not visited the place yet. So, I asked the restaurant if ever I can claim my change back. I am not after the money but I am after their claim that they are honest human beings. Though the restaurant manager has not answered me directly because the event took place for almost three weeks already, so I just left him my number and hoping that if they will conduct an audit for May 9, 2011 they have extra money that would equal to my change. I haven’t heard from the restaurant manager but luckily I got the owner’s number through their lost and found wall. So when I get home I immediately texted the number and yes she said she will look into it. After a day or two, she texted me that if ever I could visit the place again, I could get my money back. Because on that day, there was a 240php amount of money that they have reported as other income.

Sagbayan Peak is indeed a place full of honest people.

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