Hot Wheels Keeper

Before I bought the Hot Wheels Collector Showcase, I have bought this one, Hot Wheels Keeper at around $14 but it can’t hold all of JB’s Hot Wheels that is why I bought the Hot Wheels Collector Showcase. But still, I love this one because JB can bring with him at least 18 of his favorite Hot Wheels wherever he goes.

0 thoughts on “Hot Wheels Keeper

  1. I used to collect hot wheels before, but i stopped, Its not practical on my part since i am the family’s breadwinner. But I still have a few cars unopened like my two Ferrari model cars.

  2. oohhh I see. I am the breadwinner too, but I just can’t say no to my son 🙁 I have those ferraris too, but my son can’t take his hands off of it:(

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