How Children Learn Best

How children learn best should be your focus as a parent. If you wait until the child is six or seven years old before entering into a formalized educational setting, you will be missing out on montessori sensitive periods. Children learn at an early age, beginning right when they are born. Montessori schools, then, exist to nurture this learning and facilitate the process by which children both comprehend and retain new information. It is out of this concept that parents around the country are increasingly turning to this style of early childhood education.

Take Advantage of Those Early Years

As a parent, every moment with your child is precious. At the same time, years will fly by much more quickly than you want them to. Because of this, you really cannot waste one moment, and this especially includes your child’s education. It is important to take advantage of their sensitive periods. It is during this time that children can comprehend information on a far deeper and more intimate level than they will for the rest of their life. Think of language development as an example. Your child begins speaking at an early age and then develops that skill set rapidly from them. By incorporating child centered education into its curriculum, Montessori schools can facilitate this process even further.

Children Will Have Fun

Many parents want to delay sending their children to school for as long as possible because they want them to enjoy their childhood. This is flawed thinking, primarily because learning should be fun. That is the focus of every Montessori classroom. Your child will be allowed to play and progress at his or her own pace. There is no pressure, and there is no homework. This is individual expression at its finest. Every aspect of the classroom is centered on the unique abilities of each child. You will notice the difference each day when you pick them up.

Take a look at Montessori schools in your area. Ask to observe a classroom and see for yourself why so many parents are opting to go this route.

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