Hunting in Alabama

While Alabama has been known for other things in the news recently, it doesn’t stop the fact that it is a very beautiful state with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of acres of undeveloped area. Some of the space, particularly around monuments, suburban, or urban areas, is designated open space for the public to enjoy. Other areas, like locations around the town of Livingston and Dream Lake, are designated for seasonal hunting. And one of the most popular of those seasons is when individuals or groups are allowed to hunt for deer.

In Alabama, the hunting season starts at the end of November. When it ends depends on the zone or the type of deer being hunted. For instance, in the zone where Montgomery resides, either sex of deer can be hunted with guns until January 1 while bow & arrow hunting extends into February. In the zone near Birmingham, hunters have until mid-February to hunt for deer on privately owned or leased land until the middle of February.

This is the generic description of hunting season. It gets more involved when you take in other factors. For instance, dog hunting of deer is not permitted in all counties or towns. In sections where there’s a large human population, deer hunting is completely prohibited. Hunters also need to be aware of lands owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or the U.S. Forest Service. In addition to this, there are specific hours when hunting, particularly dog hunting for deer, are not permitted.

To avoid all of this, it’s recommended to look for guided hunts in Alabama. Certain locations, like Dream Lake Lodge, offer hunters of any level to participate in a guided hunt. Those who participate are given several thousand acres of land to hunt Whitetail deer. The guided hunts are led by experts who know the areas and can tell you the best places to find the most deer. In some cases, stands and other elevated locations are already setup in these areas to allow for comfort while also discovering the best deer.

Before you book this type of experience, make sure you do your research to ensure the location you choose is not only well-recommended but has the opportunity to catch deer on a regular basis.

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