I am a MOM, again!

I just gave birth to my second child last March 17, 2012 and nothing feels different. I am still ME, I still have the heart of a child who believes in dreams and hopes for the best in life, I still think that I am young, that age is just a number, and I still think that I have a lot of things to learn from my mom (or other moms out there) to become better in my profession as a mother, myself.

I have been a mother for 5 years already to my eldest, JB, and yes I can proudly say that I did my BEST to be a good mother and father to him at the same time. I was a single-mother and I am still now, because I am not yet married, but somehow I can say that this time around it’s a different story. I now have someone who can help me raise my two kids; I already have someone who can help me show them the right and only way to become a good person in the future.

I am a proud mother again, to my daughter baby G. And I am a proud mother, still, to my eldest child JB. Though I have two children now, my love is undivided; instead it is multiplied by two. My love for my first-born hasn’t changed, I know that it shouldn’t be, and my love for my daughter is just the same for my son. Being a mother of two, nothing has changed, I am still a mother, I am still me, and I am still striving to become the BEST MOM for them.

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