I joined Make or Break’s contest last month and here is my entry photo and entry statement:

I am a SMART Mom because my top-most priority is my children’s well-being. Our world today has evolved; being a parent 50 years ago is different from being a parent now. I wasn’t born in the 1950’s but I know that taking care and teaching the children before isn’t the same as today because TV, PSP and PCs haven’t been around yet. The only problem parents encountered before was how to raise their children to become a better person, but now we need to immunize our children for different vaccines available at our Pedia’s disposal, we need to teach our children (as early as five years old) to determine what is right from wrong especially those what they see on TVs (telenovelas, cartoon shows, and even the NEWS) and we need to keep them from harm’s way (from bacteria around the house and germs they can get when they play outside our house). I am a SMART Mom because I not only know how to take care of them but also how to take care of the things around them. I am a SMART Mom because I choose to be SMART by using products that help keep the welfare of my children.

I joined because I believe that I am a SMART MOM. I joined because I know that by joining, I will be able to reach out to other Smart Moms. And that by joining other moms will learn a lesson or two from my statement.

Sometimes we forgot to be the best mom because we are so busy. We are so busy with the household chores, we are so busy with taking care of our children, we are so busy with our works, that we tend to be care less about our children’s well-being. That is why at the end of the day we should sometimes, sit back, relax and think about what happened in that day. Yes, we have cooked 3 meals for our family, we dine with them, but have we talk about each other’s  activity during the day? Because sometimes we do forget that. That is why, when my son comes home from school, it is my routine that I asked him what has he done at school, what are his achievements or accomplishments, what has he learned from his teacher.

Sometimes we laundry our children’s clothes and get angry because it is so dirty and that it is so  hard to wash it, but have we thought about why his clothes are dirty? Was he running and playing outside the house and scraped his knees instead of just playing PSP and watching cartoon network? Have we thought about what games was he playing all day long? No. So maybe the next time we wash their clothes we should asked them, what happened yesterday or what has he learned from playing tag with his playmates. And that we should encourage them to be active instead of just sitting around watching TV because it is good for them.

I am not the best mom for the whole world, but I am trying my best to learn from my mistakes, to become a better mother for my children. I may not be the best mom but I am a smart mom. I am trying to take good care of my children’s welfare. They needed my guidance, my supervision, to become a better person when they grow up.

11 thoughts on “I am a SMART MOM

  1. I always make it a point to talk to both of my kids right after school and sometimes, my eldest and I end up talking for hours that I forget to cook dinner.. 😛 LOL

    Talking to Lucas is more of a challenge, because he always answers with an “I don’t know” or “Let’s talk later” cause he’s busy playing. 😛

    I love your statement, it’s true, times are so different now, I wasn’t born in the 50’s as well, but I get shocked whenever I see how kids act today, you can say I’m a bit old fashioned, because my upbringing was like that.. 😛

    Awesome picture with the kids! 🙂

  2. You are a smart mom and I think all mothers are. We all want the best for our kids. I may not be the best but I think I’m doing all the best that I can to be a smart mom.

  3. Just like you I am trying to be a smart mom for the sake of my family. Yes we made mistakes and and learn from it – the best of being a mom is to discover what’s best for your family.

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