I am a Woman, hear my thoughts!

I am a woman and I am proud. I love being a woman and everything that is about me. I love shopping for everything that I want and I need. I love shopping for my clothes, shoes, lingerie and all of my basic needs to my wants. When I was younger my mom is the one who chooses everything for me, she bought my clothes, my under garments, my shoes even my socks, my bags and everything that I need. Up until now, I still ask her opinion before I go out of the house.

I am a woman and I love to dress up too, but dressing up doesn’t mean that the only thing fashionable that I wore is the things that other people could see. Here is my little secret: wear something beautiful under your clothes to make you feel more gorgeous every time you go out of the house. I don’t let myself suffer from wearing lingerie that are too tight or sagging because I will not be comfortable throughout the day. I meticulously choose my undergarments so that I will not fell uneasy wherever I go checking every once in awhile if it’s still in place or not anymore. Speaking of lingerie, I found this panache blog which talks about almost everything about lingerie, from history of the bra and how to take care of them. I am glad that there are blogs like this and I have the chance to read their articles which focus mainly on every woman’s needs.

Other women doesn’t openly share their opinion about the lingerie they would love to wear because some people think that it is taboo, but modern women who loves their body like me would openly share their thoughts about this kind of topics. You are a woman and you should be proud!

6 thoughts on “I am a Woman, hear my thoughts!

  1. I only wear lingerie whenever the husband and I go on a kid-free date night and we plan to do something naughty afterwards. LOL 😛 But other than that, I wear comfy underwear that fits perfectly, I don’t even want to feel it. 😛 They say you know you’re wearing the right kind of underwear when you feel secure but you feel naked at the same time, so whenever I try on new underwear, especially bras to buy, I always make sure it fits well and that I am comfy, but of course I still choose a cute design, you never know when the husband might feel like taking a peek. LOL :))

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