I invoke my right against self incrimination!

“I invoke my right against self incrimination” is the “statement of the day” for today’s Senate Hearing. Yes, aside from “Hindi ko po alam” (I do not know) and “Hindi po totoo yan” (that is not the truth) , Janet Lim Napoles (The Queen of all SCAMS and the Queen of all LIES) used what Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago told her “I invoke my right against self-incrimination”.

I am so disappointed, I mean I am so ANGRY while watching the Senate Hearing because obviously, Janet Lim-Napoles is just driving the public nuts and she is making the Senators crazy. She definitely is not the mastermind because she doesn’t know what she was doing all along or perhaps she knows but she couldn’t fathom what to say now that everything is out in the open. How could she sleep soundly at night when the people who deserve all the money that she and her cohorts have stolen have nothing to eat and no decent home to call their own? Janet Lim-Napoles is not the mastermind of these scams, she was only used and there are people or person who is behind all these things and the Filipino people are hoping that Janet Lim-Napoles would spell their names out to save herself. I am not quite sure if Janet Lim-Napoles is scared for her life that is why she’s lying or she surely believes that she will emerge as an innocent woman after all as promised by these persons.

Nevertheless, let us all witness what the Social Media People have done during the Senate Hearing through these PHOTO MEMES.


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