I love Prunes

I love Prunes, who doesn’t? Aside from eating raisins, another favorite snacks of mine is Prunes or dried plums. When I was young, I thought that Prunes are just the bigger version of raisins, and girl, I was so wrong. A prune, according to Mr. Wiki, is any of various plum species, mostly European Plum. While raisins on the other hand are dried grapes.

Recently, I have only learned that eating Prunes have health benefits, I don’t know these things before, I only ate Prunes because I love the taste. Prunes contain a lot of fibers so it helps in preventing constipation. Prunes also help in fighting cancer because it is rich in vitamin A. Prunes are rich in iron too, so eating Prunes could help preventing anemia.

It is a great help to know more about what you are eating in order to avoid foods that can cause bad effects to our body and eat a lot of foods that have health benefits.

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