I miss making Blog Reviews

I am an online-contest joiner ever since I started blogging and my blogging life will not be perfect without joining online contests and online giveaways. When Rafflecopter was invented or was introduced into online contests, it was now so easy to join different online contest. You just have to sign in with your Facebook Account, click like or click follow then submit and you are done. Two years ago was different.

I miss the online contests I have joined two years ago. Where I make blog reviews for different sponsored blogs put a link or two in my blog post and meticulously check the sponsored blog site on why and what I like about their blog site. Back then, you earn points in order to win. You must be the highest pointer to WIN the top PRIZE. Compare to online contests now where in you earn points and the blog owner who is the host will raffle off your names.

I know, some of the people who are online contest joiners now will not understand of how or why I want that hassle ways to WIN a contest. I am just saying that I miss it, the prize are so big that you need to work your butt off in order to win and well, your hard work will really pay-off. I think it is better than just waiting for your LUCK to let you win a prize.

13 thoughts on “I miss making Blog Reviews

  1. I am jealous you want to do it. My mind says I can but my schedule cannot. If only time will permit, I’d want to get some and have them done too.

  2. Mag effort ka talaga nuun Joan – remember also the follow this blog, link back on this blog, and blog the contest with the host’s name?.. those were I guess the most sustainable kind and most blogger friendly kind of contest .. ngayon walang kaka connection di ba?

  3. I prefer the old ways of blog contests, we post the contest using our own words, work our but out to be included, no rafflecopter, no liking, following ,tweeting of a lot,as in a lot of site. i don’t really like it espciallly if you have to do more than 100 “do it”. that is one reason ,i don’t join the giveaways often.

  4. I was lucky to experience that kind of blog contest before. In fact, the first time I joined and won 3rd prize. But when it comes to raffle, di ako swerte 🙂

  5. I don’t know yet how to use the rafflecopter. (If I will be the one sponsoring the contest)

    But, I already tried joining contests using it. It’s so easy, you only have to click and click and you’re done, you have multiple entries.

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