I want to be a Firewoman

When I was young, I have so many ambitions in life. Remember those days when your teacher asks you “What you want to be when you grow up?”, I have so many answers for that particular question you see. I wanted to be a Doctor who saves lives, or a Teacher who molds children’s lives. I also wanted to be a soldier who help protect lives. And look where I am today, so far from who I wanted to be.

I remember that in one point of my life I also wanted to be a member of the people who save people’s lives by putting out a fire, a fireman/fire-woman. But I realize that it wasn’t that easy, I am skinny that I cannot even lift a body bag whose weight is same with mine. Moreover, holding that mill hose, which put out the fire, is not an easy task especially if the water is on its way.

I am an accountant, not a public one though because I have not yet passed the board exam. Accountant in the sense that it is the degree I got when I graduated from College. I am an entrepreneur and I run my own business. When I was young I never thought about having or running my own business but I guess this is my calling.

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