iPhone 4S Applications

It’s almost 3 months now that I got my iPhone 4S and I can finally say that I am satisfied with it. This is my first time to own an Apple gadget and yes, it is the best phone that I have ever owned.

Among the things I love the most about my iPhone 4S are its applications. These are just the few applications I love about my iPhone 4S:

  • Instagram – YES, I admit I got hooked with Instagramania. Instagram is a photo-sharing social network that let me share my latest photo updates to my friends/followers. And I can share it directly to my Facebook and Twitter accounts too. Aside from the sharing options, I can also edit my photos.
  • Temple Run – A game that I enjoy playing the most in my iPhone 4S. At first, I wasn’t that good, I kept on stumbling and falling because I forgot to jump, but hey, my current high-score today is 2M. If I am angry, I just play with Temple Run, and I forgot why I was angry in the first place, LOL.
  • Tap Tap Revenge – This game reminds me of Guitar Hero, the game we used to play in my brother’s PS2 and my son’s PSP.
  • Facebook and Twitter for iPhone – Yeah, I am a certified social network addict so I downloaded these apps, FOR FREE.
  • iLlulaby and Baby Soother – If you have babies, this one is a great application, there are songs that keeps my baby from crying.


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