iPhone 4S

I have a new PHONE and it is an iPhone 4S. I still can’t believe that I now own an iPhone 4S. Well, I still can’t believe it because I simply can’t spend 30,000php plus for a phone and I am not into gadgets. I mean, hey, I don’t need them. I live in a rural area and people here don’t know what an iPhone, iPad, and iPod is and what are the differences between the three gadgets aside from its spelling of course. People who have taken computer classes would know what these are though.

But just recently my 2 years contract with GLOBE for my business plan (unli-call and unli-text) is finally over so I can renew my plan, upgrade it or downgrade it or I can chose to stop it. I choose to upgrade it from 999php to 1799php (unli-call, unli-text and unli-surf) and I can get a new iPhone 4S as a free phone (ohh, I had to pay an initial cash-out of 5000php).

2 thoughts on “iPhone 4S

  1. I should have done that. I also just renewed by plan and since I am a Blackberry user, so I also get a new Blackberry phone but of course, deep in my heart – I wanted an iPhone 4S.

    I renewed for plan 999 with Blackberry and add another 599 unli call and unli text in the end – its still the same story. Sayang!

  2. Yay for new iPhone! Cheaper nga siya with the plan, hindi masyado mabigat hulugan. I cannot believe hindi ko pa nagagawan ng post yung iphone ko!

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