Is a Cisco Certification the Gold Standard of the Networking Field?

It’s no surprise that employers want to hire the most talented, well trained, knowledgeable professionals around. They want to see individuals how possess qualifications in many different areas and you need to have comprehensive networking skills. One way to impress your new employer is by becoming Cisco certified. In order to do this, you must pass rigorous exams that show you have the competence and skill to manage a sophisticated network system. You cannot rely on just book smarts alone to pass these exams; you must also have the hands on experience that Cisco courses provide. Additionally, you can fine online sites like tests live, where you can find all the information and materials needed to prepare for your tests.


Cisco is one of the most trusted companies in the IT certification world and one of the leading providers of networking solutions. As a third party providing these certifications, employers are able to place their trust in Cisco to provide knowledgeable and capable networking professionals. Cisco has commanded the market for devices that accomplish this function. Eventually, in the IT field you will come across Cisco devices and it makes sense to be certified with them. Having any number of certifications listed on your resume is a great indicator of technical competency and this is particularly important in the IT field.

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