Jb is addicted to Crayons

My 5 years old is addicted to Crayons. He loves coloring his old books and his coloring books. When kids visit our home, he asked them to color with him, he gave them some crayons and coloring books. When my mom went home from Bohol, all my son asked is that his Grandma should bring crayons for him. And true, my mom brought 8 different boxes of Crayons. I can’t show you some pictures anymore because the boxes were thrown away already and the crayons are all mixed up and put away in a new container.

When I went to Cagayan de Oro City, my son asked me to buy him a 36 pieces Crayola but I haven’t found any so I buy a 48 pieces instead.

He loved it instantly. Telling me that I really love him because I bought a 48 pieces crayons for him.

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