JB’s Farmville

Most people who has a Facebook account knows what FV is, FarmVille that is. But I don’t play it, I don’t want to waste my time on the game simply because there are better things to do than plant, grow then harvest your plants in FarmVille. If only Farming is that easy, the Philippines should not be in dire need for food these days. It is not encouraging the people to work hard in order to earn some money. The game is just a product of somebody’s genius mind and creates a herd of Farmers that has no products.
I am not discouraging you not to play, and I am not against the game itself. It is just me, saying what I think is not right. But hey, backyard farming is a great answer to one’s boredom. And it makes you earn a lot of money too. So, if you have the chance, try it.

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  1. Backyard farming isn’t easy too! I grew up in a farm and it requires a lot of work. On your photo I remembered that we used to raise pigs – I have to shower right after feeding or cleaning so I won’t pig in myself. I miss those days.

  2. I played farmville on facebook before but i realized i am wasting my time planting and harvesting. Anyway, back to the photo i remember when we are young we also invest for this one. We do raise pigs and later sell it.

  3. let’s do it in real life, i mean farming and not in virtual world wherein your will get damage and sweat while farming and doing stuff like that in your backyard make sense and most of all add livelihood activities that is so essential for our growth.

  4. i used to play those games on FB but i realized what a waste of time they were so i tried to focus on other things – which was hard at first because i sort of got addicted to FB games.

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