Jollibee and JB

Jb loves Jollibee so much.

We spent two birthdays of him at Jollibee Valencia, it was a blast, a kiddie party that Jb truly enjoyed so much. The picture above was taken last October 10, 2010 when we attended Tracy and Lyle’s joined birthday party at Raftsman. I though Jb will not mind Jollibee at all, simply because he had his time to play with Jollibee during his 2nd and 3rd birthday but I was mistaken. Jb’s love for Jollibee have not faded. Jb always follows Jollibee wherever he goes, and Jb would always kiss and hug Jollibee.

Oh my, I think Jb’s 4th birthday will be another Jollibee party.

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