Jump for Joy

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This is my official entry for Mommy Levy’s contest.

“What are the things/situations that would make you feel like levitating?”

There are so many things and situations that will make me feel like levitating. If I have to start when I was little, this post will be a very long one. So maybe, I will just start when I got pregnant with my baby JB. My tummy was three months already when I learned that I am pregnant, I was shocked, emotional and joyous. Even though we (me and the father of my baby) didn’t get married, it didn’t make me lose hope and I took up the challenge of being a single mother. From the time I have learned about my baby’s life inside me, I was levitating with happiness. My baby JB is a blessing from God and he became my lucky charm. Yes, I consider my son as my lucky charm because everything fell into places when he came.

Every night during dinner, I also feel like levitating, because this is where I and my family get to dine together and talk just about anything. We are a typical Filipino family, we tease and we love each other, we are so “lambing” to our parents and siblings that is why even though I have my own business already I still lived with my parents. Every night I am thankful that we are still complete, that we still have each other, and that we are going to face the world’s challenges together. After all, the family is the most basic unit of the society and whatever happens in your life, they are still there, loving you, praying for you, cheering you up.

Seeing my son grow up to be someone who is God-fearing, loving, caring and sweet, with full of hope and determination, it makes me levitate. Having my family, always close to me and though we have encountered so many problems, we never let it broke us apart, it makes me levitate. Being together with my boyfriend who accepts me for who I am, who loves my son and my family as his own, it makes me levitate.

Accepting everything that happens in the world and in my life makes me feel that I am still alive and that God loves me, this makes me levitate.

*The picture above is my bf’s daughter and my little brother, this was taken in Sagbayan Peak, Bohol.*

*The picture above is my son JB and m bf’s daughter Tpai, this was taken in Dao Diamond Hotel’s swimming pool, Bohol.*

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  1. Awww, things can really turn out better in the end. Glad you found happiness in your life now by having the perfect companions, your super cute son, your loving BF and his cute little princess din 🙂 Having them in your life can really make you levitate.

  2. A love of and for the family is the greatest intangible asset of a person. I am happy to see you happy with your family. May you be more blessed so you can continue to be a blessing to many people. Stay happy te Jong! 🙂

  3. i really admire you for being so brave, raising your son to be a fine young man. Most single parents would get so depressed after learning about a pregnancy but you found it to be a blessing! nice jump shots, by the way!

  4. Same pla tayo sis, 3 months din bago ko nalaman na I’m preggy. Btw, I agree kay Mommy Peh, mukhang magkapatid baby mo tsaka baby ni bf mo. Hihi. 🙂

  5. I love your story but more than that I love your children’s picture.. what a joyful moment, a vacation worth to be cherished forever =)

  6. Your brother is long-legged like you! Our outlook and decisions play a big part in the outcome of things…glad you took the road that makes you happy. Keep on levitating!

    P.S. Sis, don’t know how long will it take for my “sobre” to arrive…hoping mabilis. -G 🙂

  7. our family sure is one good reason to levitate! i doff my hats to you mommy, it is not easy raising a child on your own + i say you pass it with flying colors….don’t stop levitating 😉

  8. you are so lucky to have them…our family is always there no matter what…and being a single “hot” momma is a very tough job…so MABUHAY tayong mga Single Moms…love you marse!

  9. A very touching story. I am so glad that you are a strong person, don’t lose hope and have faith in God always! we are here to help you and guide you.

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