Keep Calm and Love Me

This photo was taken from Facebook. I see a lot of photos that looks like this.
These are the variations :

  • Keep Calm and Read a Book
  • Keep Calm and love a Nurse
  • Keep Calm and God will provide
  • Keep Calm and Eat Cheese

Yes, I have seen a lot of different sayings/quotes that looks like this but this is the one that really caught my attention:

My feelings when I saw this photo was awesome. It was like I am looking for a cotter pin from Reid Supply in a haystack. I felt I have connected with the quote.

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  1. joepy says:

    I’ve been an addict watcher of youtube, when I read your article about “KEEP CALM & LOVE ME” I click the article and it reminds me a youtuber who have a frame hang in her room with this saying but I can’t remember her username, I love this quote that. I saw it in her room tour video. ♥

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