Kuya and Baby

My first-born has developed a lot of positive qualities after I gave birth. We kept on calling him “Kuya” (big brother) and he loved it. From the day our baby girl was born, Kuya JB has learned what responsibility means. He knows that he needed to obey me whatever I ask for him to do especially if I ask him to get things for his sister.

Last night, Chicay was already asleep and yet I need to wash myself and I don’t have anybody to watch over Chicay, so I ask JB to look after his little sister because she might fall from the bed again. I didn’t know that Kuya JB is already sleepy too because he didn’t tell me, and yet he followed my instructions when I return to the bedroom, he was asleep beside his little sister. And I took a photo of them.

19 thoughts on “Kuya and Baby

  1. That was so sweet! I also trained our little girl calling her big bro “kuya” as what I used to call my big bro. However, it is hard to maintain it knowing that every people who can hear would ask me what it means! LOL!

  2. That is so sweet! My little man is still learning on how to be a big brother and how to play well with his little sister. Sometimes they get along so well and would giggle and laugh, then later on here comes the crying part. hehehe…. so cute though!

  3. awwwww! this is a cute picture of your little ones. I remember how my then 2 year old eldest son got responsible and way mature than his age when he become a kuya. I guess it’s an automatic change for elder kids.

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