Laser Hair Removal

I am thinking of laser hair removal for so long now. But I am still weighing the pros and cons. I think I have it bulleted here:

The Pros:

  • I will not worry anymore when I raise my hands up.
  • I can wear short sleeves, tube tops, spaghetti-straps, and even swimsuits without thinking if my underarms look good or bad.
  • I can show off my underarms anytime I want.
  • I will no longer be scared of people watching my underarms.
  • I will no longer go through the pain of pulling my underarm hairs using a puller and I will no longer shave it.

The Cons:

  • It is quite expensive.
  • I am still scared what if I will not get the results I wanted.


So, I guess, I will go for it. What you think? Have you ever had your unwanted hairs removed? Where?

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