Late posts

I have so many ideas on my mind right now, and I have not written a thing or two. Our town fiesta ended well last October 24, and there were so many activities I have yet to blog about. The Baranggay Elections was peaceful aside from the vote-buying issues again. And I have learned how to make Buko Pandan.

I need to blog about these stuffs and I will but right now, I am still very busy.


  1. chubskulit says:

    Is your patron saint St. Raphael? The place next to us celebrates their fiesta on that day and the saint is the one mentioned.

    Just followed your blog, hope you can drop by sometimes and share the love back.

    • zoan says:

      nope, St. Isidore:) kasi dapat May 15 ung Town Fiesta namin, iniba lang nila. ahaha 4th Saturday of October bale and Fiesta namin ever since ngkamalay ako hahah

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