Limited Edition Montero Sport GLX-V

My father has decided to buy a new car, a Montero Sport GLX-V. When the Mitsubishi office called us, we immediately went to Cagayan de Oro City to get our new car. Here it is(picture taken when the Montero Sport is still inside Mitsubishi):
Montero Sport is indeed a family car, the seats are good for 7 passengers excluding the driver. Aside from that, there are still room for the bag and luggage. One thing that my brother likes about it though is that it is a FAST CAR. Yeah, I was able to test-drive it, and with a little push on the accelerator, it flies, literally. From 40kph to 140kph. I am glad though that when you hit the brakes, the car would really stop.

After two days, we had it blessed by our Parish Priest (picture below is taken at the convent) and we celebrate the night with good friends.

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