Little Drummer Boy

Remember when I posted something about buying a Triple Drum for my little brother? Well, it was not that long ago. We bought his triple drum last June and now he wanted out! Yes, he doesn’t want to continue his membership with his school band. 3 months ago, I told him that we should not buy a triple drum because it is very expensive and knowing him, I already have it in the back of my mind that he will quit the school band in no time. And sadly, I was right but he persisted on buying a $160 worth of Triple Drum. He didn’t listen to me when I told him that we will just borrow from the school or from someone that we know who owns one because he wanted to show off to his classmates that we can afford one. Yes, we can afford it, but in times like this where buying something we don’t really need is not on our top priority.

So now, my little brother wants me to sell his triple drum or perhaps let it wait for my son who is 5 years old (as of this date) to use it when he will turn 12 years old. Argh, I so hate it when I am right and my brother is wrong but he will insist on it. He only used this triple drum once. I mean yes, he used the triple drum when he was practicing to play it, but we only had our “Araw ng Pangantucan” last July 1, which is the only event that the triple drum was able to attend to.
I took a photo of my dear little brother when the parade passed by our home and yes he looks so cute and cool and all that. He is our little drummer boy.

6 thoughts on “Little Drummer Boy

  1. I think it’s better for you to keep e drums than sell them. Who knows, your brother might join the school band again. If not, well, your son could use it.

  2. Like your brother, my son quickly changes his mind. Now he likes this toy, tomorrow he doesn’t, but he always looks for his old toys, so we never disposed of his many toys yet. So I agree with Mauie, keep the drums first.

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