Loving our New Mop

Cleaning the house is one thing that I really love doing. How much more if I have the perfect gadget or tool to use in cleaning our home? I have been eye-ing this mop for more than 6 months already, I have first seen this mop when we went to Davao last February and regretted that we have not bought it immediately and because it is not available in a store near us I have to wait for more than 3 months to buy it.

Readers, met our new house-cleaner : The iMop!!!

Cleaning has now been the best part of our day. Having the iMop is so fantastic, it is so easy to clean the floor and clean the mope or dry it after using. We have finally said goodbye to our old mop which requires too much energy to clean and dry. Aside from that, it doesn’t require too much work so we don’t have to hire a house cleaner/housekeeper anymore, we can clean the floor ourselves (we can save on our utility expenses).

I am not compensated to write a blog review about iMop, I just love this product so much that is why I am sharing this to you.

10 thoughts on “Loving our New Mop

  1. I have the iSweep and the iPolish. I have been seeing the iMop but I kind of got turned of by it being bulky. It’s going to take more room than my JML mop, which is doing a good job. 🙂

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