Me and My Bestfriend

Friendship. Friends. How do you keep your friendship alive even though you are far from each other? I have a lot of friends, and I have different categories for them. You see if I join a pageant I would be Miss Congeniality. I categorize my friends into 3 – best friends, long-time friends and just friends.
I have many best friends, am I supposed to have only one? When I little, I used to have only one best friend and that is my neighbour who lives next to our house. We play together, we eat together, and sometimes we even sleep together. We grew up together in our town and we were classmates from day care to primary education. And every time I check my old album, she is there with me, having the same dress, eating the same favourite food and playing our favourite game.
During our secondary education, we lost in touch. I went to private school and she enrolled herself in the public school. I found another girl whom I can call my new best friend. And I am sharing with you our newest picture below.

She has been my best friend for more than 10 years now. And though we are far away from each other (she went to another country for work) we still find ways to communicate through yahoo messenger, email, social networking sites such Friendster and Facebook, and we do spend money on texting and phone call. And just recently she went home here in the Philippines and we met again. I have 2 kids now and she has one. I live in Bukidnon and she lives in Davao City which is 5 hours away from my place but we still find time to meet and spend some time together. I consider her as my best friend not because she approves everything that I do with my life but because she accepts me for who I am.

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