Men and Valentines Day

It is not every day that the whole Philippines celebrates Valentine’s Day, wherein lovers/couples can find a reason to be sweet by giving a bouquet of flowers (typically roses), a box of chocolates, a teddy bear or something that is red or connotes love. There are men who are romantic by nature and could easily find a way to show their other half their feelings. But there are also men who are the silent type, who doesn’t even know what to do in order to show their feelings for the woman they love. And so, Valentine’s Day could be their chance to come out of their shell and show off to the world how and why they love their better half.

As for my man, he is sometimes sweet and sometimes shy. He is full of surprises and that makes me happy because as a woman, I love surprises (teehee). I know that it is too early to tell that I have found the “One” that God has prepared for me but I am willing to accept the fact that sometimes fate is still based upon my choices. That destiny is a choice, my choice, and today, it is my choice to be happy.

Yesterday, Gerry gave me a teddy bear and a bouquet of roses. And though we spend the day together (which we always do) without the candle light dinner thing, doing all the things we needed to do every week for our business, eating at JB’s favorite fast food, we were happy and that is all that matters.

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