Message in a Bottle 2

If you are wondering why the title has a number 2 in it, well, I already have a post about “Message in a Bottle” when I started this blog that is why I put a number 2 on this one.

This is a message from a blogging friend and I like the idea so I am sharing his message with you, and here it goes : “Take chances while you’re still young, tell stories when you get old“.

I am taking a lot of chances and though sometimes I have made wrong decisions I am still thankful that I have learned. Yes, learning is a hard process because sometimes we lose in our chosen battles but it doesn’t mean that we should stop fighting. We should learn how to get up every time we fall with some help from our friends or with the help of rentakneewalker brand. And when we get old, we have a lot of stories to share to our children and grandchildren. And they will learn from us.

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