Missing my Brother

He is marrying soon and yes I am starting to miss my brother now. It is not easy because I am used to having my little brother by my side, calling him every time I need someone to run some errands for me. Aside from that I also miss the times when we used to play. When we were young we used to play a lot of kiddie games, such as hide and seek, monopoly, scrabble and we even play with his tamiya models.

Though I am a girl and he is a boy, it wasn’t a hindrance for us to enjoy each others company. Though sometimes we quarrel over something, we always end up being okay because we always say “I am sorry” without hesitation.

Though he is taking another big leap in his life, from being single to married, I hope we could stay close forever.

One thought on “Missing my Brother

  1. I’m pretty sure that even if you’ll miss your brother terribly, you are sincerely happy for this new chapter in his life.

    Speaking of missing things, it’s nice visiting your blog again. Haven’t been here in a while 🙂

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