Month of Hearts

January has ended yesterday, I am welcoming the month of hearts with full of LOVE, LOVE, and more LOVE.

Some people say that love makes the world go round and I totally agree with them. I mean, if love doesn’t exist how can we be at peace with the world and with the people around us? How can we exist serenely with each other? Love is the main reason why we are here, alive, kicking and working our way to reach our goals and dreams. The love of God has been the primary reason why He created us, and the love of God for mankind is also the reason why He sends Jesus Christ to save us.

I hope that for the month of February, we will love each other truthfully without expecting anything in return. And I hope that we will not only show our love to people who are our family and relatives but we will also extend our love to people who are in need. Sharing our blessings from God to other people who are in need is another way of showing our love to our co-human beings and our love to our God.

I am encouraging all my readers and blogging friends to do one act of kindness every day.

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